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The Skim Block can block or let through microwaves, X-ray, and electric waves by using the glass protecting technology used for microwave ovens and the Skim Block technology. With this feature, the Skim Block has a wide range of application. For example, the Skim Block can protect information on contactless IC chip used in credit card from skimming. It can also protect human body from being affected by electric waves from mobile phones. Applications of the Skim Block are numerous!

Prevent from skimming 99.9% or more

The Skim Block blocks radio wave to read contactless IC card, electric waves from mobile phones, and X-ray, therefore, there are various ways to utilize the Skim Block! For example, products which use the Skim Block such as purse and card holder protect card information from skimming as long as more than two-thirds of the surface of contactless IC card is covered by the Skim Block. You may also create wallpaper and curtains with the Skim Block to use for a computer lab, hospital room, and shield room at low costs!

  Skim BlockⅠ Skim BlockⅡ Skim BlockⅢ
IC card Block Block Block
Mobile Phone Block Transit Block
X-ray Transit Transit Block
Application Purse,Card Holder Bag Jacket,Apron



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